Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tattoos of Video Games Characters

Takaya Kuroda from Yakuza

Salem from Army of Two

Lars from Brutal Legend

Duke Nukem

Rei Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 3

Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy 8

Tai Kaliso from Gears of War

Kratos from God of War

Agent 47 from Hitman

Kou Leifoh from The Bouncer

Francis from Left 4 Dead

Maero from Saints Row 2

Mattias Nilsson from Mercenaries

Faith from Mirror’s Edge

Death Metal from No More Heroes

Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII

Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5

Sydney from Vagrant Story

Vega from Street Fighter 2

Jin from Tekken

Ferril from Bloodrayne


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