Monday, August 22, 2011

Food To Be Remembered

Lots of food brands have disappeared from shelves for ever. See the pics and learn why you’ll never taste it again.

Crispy M&Ms met its untimely end in the US in 2005.

Pepsi Blue discontinued in the US and Canada in 2004.

French Toast Crunch vanished from store shelves in 2006.

Butterfinger BBs finished its glorious run in 2006.

Sprite Remix entered the grocery store of the great beyond in 2005

Surge was discontinued in 2003.

Magic Middles saw their dusk in mid-90's.

Ecto Cooler disappeared in 2001

3D Doritos ended its run in the mid 2000's

Crystal Pepsi was discontinued in 1993.

Squeezits (in 2001).

Waffle Crisp

Oreo O's (2007)

PB Crisps (“discontinued for being too delicious.”)

Four Loko (in 2011)

Josta (in 1999)

Uh-Oh Oreos (rebranded in 2007)

Wonder Balls (2004)

PB Max (in the 90's)

Orbitz (in 1997)

Mountain Dew Black/Livewire (disappeared in 2004, and more recently in 2011)

Apple Fig Newtons

Gatorade Gum

Heinz EZ Squirt (2006)

The Supersize (phased out of the McDonalds menu in 2004)

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