Monday, October 5, 2009

Rafting contest with blow up sex dolls instead of rafts

A strange contest takes place in Leningrad region, on Vuoksa river. Hundreds of athletes compete in the rafting using blow up sex dolls instead of using standard rafts. The place where the competition is being held is also a well known site among common rafting fans.

In order to qualify, people interested in participating have to arrive to the contest, sign up and …have a blow up sex doll handy. Of course organizers care about the security measures – every participant is obliged to wear a life vest and a helmet.

Those who don’t have a blow up sex dolls at their disposal there is a renting facility available. Also life vests and helmets are available for rent, a person can come just driven by a bare interest and get all the equipment right on the site.

Girls are also allowed to participate, but there is one thing that disappoints most of the girls – the blow up sex guy costs three times more than a female.

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