Friday, October 9, 2009

Girls Mud Wrestling

Mud wrestling is classically defined as physical confrontation (fighting, wrestling, etc.) that occurs in mud or a mud pit. The popular modern interpretation specifies that participants wrestle while wearing minimal clothing and usually going barefoot, with the emphasis on presenting an entertaining spectacle as opposed to physically injuring or debilitating the opponent to the point where they are unable to continue the match.

Venues for competition are usually social in nature with equal numbers of male and female spectators. Mud wrestling is typically performed in a semi-competitive fashion — though presented as a competition between participants, winning and losing is not considered as important as having fun. Check out 18 more pics on Girls Mud Wrestling after the jump.

One common variation involves wrestling in gelatin rather than mud. This practice is known as Jell-O wrestling in the United States and as jelly wrestling in the United Kingdom. Other foods, such as pudding, creamed corn and mashed potatoes, have also been used for similar events.

Another variation of mud wrestling is Oil Wrestling, which is a very popular and traditional sport in Turkey.

Another variation is Mashed Potato Wrestling, which is popular in Barnesville, Minnesota and Clark, South Dakota in the U.S.A

Another variation involves having the participants in formal dress, the entertainment value supposedly heightened by the ruining of expensive clothing.

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