Friday, September 2, 2011

Surging tide of Qiantang River, China

The Qiantang river, running from the west to the Hangzhou Bay, is known for its tidal bore, caused by the tide rushing into the river from the bay.

The tide bore generally travels up more than 10 meters high. It is very dangerous but also creates the marvelous spectacle! Annually, lots of people from both home and abroad are attracted there to watch this natural wonder, and in Hangzhou, citizens living aroud the Qiantang River hold various activities to celebrate the International Tide Watching Festival, which opens August 16 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar every year.

In these days, the typhoon hit Southeast China, and TV stations flocked there to shoot the natural wonder. At 1 pm August 30, 2011, a female reporter and photographer from Hangzhou Satellite TV Station were almost washed away by the surging tide, even though they were at the security center for tide-watching. Check out the photos.

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