Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Happens to a Dead Elephant in Zimbabwe

Let's see what happens to a dead elephant when its body is found by people in Zimbabwe.


nando said...

I think that it is great that the people can take (and hopefully make use of) parts of the carcass.

An amazing view into another culture.

Ravious said...

Prime example displaying that people are really just animals too. Scavengers moving in on a carcass and picking it clean.

All the extra ridiculousness we do on a day to day basis is nothing more than useless motions we put ourselves through to somehow try to convince our own egos that we are more than what we are.

JM said...

This goes to show how poor the people of Zimbabwe has become since Robert Mugabe took all the white farmers farms by force and violence and chased away all the people that kept the economy running.

These poor are suffering and have no food to eat. You can see everyone trying to get a piece cause it will probably be all that they will eat in a while.

Very sad.